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STANDARD USSSA RULES apply to this tournament.  Listed below is the more pertinent information.

All teams must provide proof of insurance, birth certificates and 2022 USSSA roster.

PITCHING:  Warm-ups, 5 pitches first inning, 3 after that.  No infield after first inning.

BATTING:  DP/Flex and/or 2 AP.  You can bat entire roster.  Last batted out is courtesy runner for pitcher and catcher.

GAME TIME:  Teams should be at their assigned field ready to play 15 minutes prior to start time.  If a game finishes early and the next 2 teams are at the field, the umpires have the authority to start the next game early, especially in the Fall.

TIME LIMIT:  The time begins when the pre-game conference ends and the umpires start the game on their clock.  The time limit is NOT drop dead.  If an inning starts, it will be finished.

POOL PLAY:  (Saturday)  Games are 1 hour and 20 minutes in the SPRING/SUMMER and 1 hour and 15 minutes in the FALL.  No new inning will start after 80 minutes in the SPRING and 75 minutes in the FALL. Games can end in a tie on Saturday.

ELMINATION PLAY:  (Sunday)  Games are 1 hour and 20  minutes.  No new inning can start after allotted time unless the game is tied.  Games CANNOT end in a tie.  If a game is tied at the end of an inning and the time limit has expired, the next inning will be played using the international tie breaker rule until a team wins.

RUN RULE:  Standard 12 / 10 / 8 (12 after 3 innings / 10 after 4 innings / 8 after 5 innings)

HOME TEAM:  Pool Play determined by coin toss.  Elimination determined by higher seeded team.


    #1 - head to head (in event of a tie, and only if 2 teams involved)

    #2 - runs allowed

    #3 - runs scored

    #4 - coin toss

CLEATS:  Metal cleats are allowed for 13U level and up.

RAIN POLICY:  If inclement weather on Saturday, the tournament director has the right to go to a 2-game seeding if necessary.  If inclement weather on Sunday, the tournament director has the right to reduce the number of teams playing to account for field conditions and availability.  The top 4 seeds would play on Sunday.  If Sunday is a complete wash-out and the Saturday schedule has been completed, the #1 seed will be declared champion and the #2 seed would be runner-up.

The TournamentDirector's decision will be final on any issues.


Tournament Registration Refunds:

1.  A 50% refund is given if,

    - a team withdraws on or before the 45th day prior to the tournament.

2.  No refund is given if,

    - a team withdraws within 45 days prior to the tournament.

Tournament Cancellation Policy:

In case of uncontrollable circumstances or interruptions due to weather, the Tournament Director reserves the right to alter the tournament format in any way necessary to reach a conclusion.  This can include, but may not be limited to, shortened game times, fewer games guaranteed or rule changes.  Games interrupted might not be resumed.  Everything possible will be done to get the players on the field as soon as safely possible.

Refunds will be given according to the following policy:

    - If at least 2 games are started, no refund is provided.

    - If 1 game is started, a 50% refund is given.

    - If no games are started, a 70% refund is given.

    - Refunds will be sent within 30 days of the tournament cancellation.

Tournament has the right to cover administrative and non-refundable tournament costs incurred.  

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